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Ash Ketchum > Red

Night everyone.

is this a joke?

No, it’s just my choice, I grew up watching him and following his adventures, he’s still my hero, I like the way he is, the way he acts, and nothing will make me change my mind.


Tell him to let his pokemon evolve instead of acting like a helicopter mother.

Go read the fucking Pocket Monsters manga, Red fucking shits all over Ash.


I like Ash better too, just his personality is so light hearted and happy go lucky. Plus it’s not about “not letting” his Pokemon evolve, they chose to evolve or not. That’s being a pretty rad trainer in my opinion.

No, he doesn’t let his pokemon evolve for ratings and to not make more work on the animators. What’s easier, drawing an Emboar with its chest patterns and flaming bits on a tepig? Also, Red doesn’t evolve Pikachu and lets it remain in its first form out of choice. Yellow does something similar. The manga is just infinitely better than the anime since the anime is literally watered down versions of the game.

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